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    Welcome to PrintBots

    Welcome to a Birmingham printers that you can rely on. The reason why? Because we, the robots, control the humans to make them more efficient, more productive, more streamlined. One of them even has a mechanical heart!

    Whether you need flyers or posters, business cards or office stationary, large format banners or roller graphics, folders, stickers or outdoor displays, we can find a solution to meet your printing requirements and deliver them to you with the minimum of fuss.

    Our expertly trained human staff have a wealth of knowledge and experience to help you, and are always more than happy to give advice and guidance to ensure that your artwork is up to scratch, that you have the right medium for your advertising campaign, and that you get what you want, when you want, for the price that you want.

    We also offer design for any of our printable products at very affordable rates (we found that creative minds are easier to reprogram, and so have convinced our designer that she is getting a very good deal!).

  • Digital
    Digital Printing

    So What is digital printing then?

    The process of Digital Full Colour Printing uses an entirely different process than traditional lithographic printing to produce the ‘plates’. Instead of a hard image being rendered on to a physical printing plate the ‘image’ is laid down by charging a surface with a layer of electrostatic electricity. The image is then ‘written’ on to this layer by removing charge in a complex pattern equivalent to ‘dots’ on a lithographic plate. Once this has been done toner or liquid with magnetic properties is applied to the charged plate and ‘sticks’ according to the concentration of charge. The resulting image is then transfer to the paper. When all four colours have been laid down this way the finished image may need to be fused using heat to ‘stick’ it to the paper.
    The great advantage of Digital Printing over Litho Printing is that there is no physical plate to be made. This means that it is suitable for much smaller runs and it is cost effective to produce runs as low as 20 at very reasonable prices. Digital printing is also perfect for producing variable data as because there are no physical plates to change each unit can have different information than the previous which has revolutionised the product of direct mail.

    What kit do Printbots Use for our digital Print?

    As you would expect Printbots are experts in digital printing. The latest addition to the family is a state of the art Konica Minolta digital printer.
    This press uses the innovative Simitri HD polymerised toner takes image quality to new heights: Its minuscule but uniform particle size allows the precise reproduction of even the finest lines without sacrificing a perfect black density. Simitri HD also ensures an unparalleled colour image quality. Simitri HD toner also requires less energy, and contributes to environmental preservation, reducing by 40%, the generation of CO2

  • Large Format
    Large Format

    Not only are we a top supplier of printed products that pass easily from one hand to another, we can, if you give us the opportunity, produce print that could cover the side of a building too! Or stick to the side of a yacht! Or fit on the back of a lorry! We love our LFPs, and we love the chance to produce them, so make our day today, give us a call and ask us about large format print!

    Large Format Print can really make an impact. We class large format as anything from A2 size upwards, but even a relatively small A2 poster can cause a stir when placed on a wall filled with A3 and A4. You could liven up your shop window, advertise your business on your car, make a protest placard that would definitely get on the news, or simply make a banner to hang above you as you play a killer DJ set to a packed club. The possibilities are literally endless, as long as they are also literally MASSIVE!

    What products do we print on Large Format?

    We print on a range of stocks including PVC Blockout, PVC Vinyl, Foamex, Corex and self adhesive vinyl to produce a wide range of products including banners, rollergraphics, posters, advertising boards, window displays, maps, presentation boards and much, much more.

  • Litho
    Litho Printing

    So what is full colour Lithographic printing then?
    Full Colour Printing is produced by the combination of Four Colours – Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black (also known as Key explaining why the process is sometimes described as CMYK printing). The process involves separating each of the colours in the files in to their four colour components. The colour separation is known as colour screening and today this is generally a digital process. A separate Print Plate is made for each colour? The image on the plates consists of a series of halftones, areas of solid and areas where there is no image at all. A halftone is made up of a number of tiny dots with white space between them. The heavier the halftone the greater is the concentration (or frequency) of dots and vice versa for lighter Halftones.¨The process of Printing involves wetting the plate with water. The water ‘sticks’ to areas without image and does not stick to areas with image. Next ink is applied to the plate. The ink ‘sticks’ to the dry areas of plate, (i.e. the imaged areas). The image on the plate is then transferred (or offset) on to a rubber blanket. The image on the blanket then transfers to the paper or board as it passes through the press.The reason the plate can be right reading (rather than all reversed as in original letter press machines) is that the image does not transfer directly to the paper. The image on the offset cylinder is reversed so that the image on the paper is right reading again.In Full Colour Printing the image on each of the four plates is printed separately with the second overlaid on the first and so on. When the images on all four plates have been printed, the result is a reproduction of colour. The small dots on each individual plate come together to create a complete colour image, although the individual dots can still be seen with the aid of a powerful magnifying glass.
    What Kind of kit do we use for our Lithographic printing?

    Our Full Colour Printing is produced on State-of-the KBA and Heidelberg Lithographic Printing Presses. The presses range in size from B3 (353mm X 500mm) right up to a massive 1600mm x 1180mm! We also have a range of in house finishing equipment, enabling us to matt & gloss laminate, Crease, fold, drill and make booklets.Our finishing equipment is provided by market leaders Duplo and Morgana.¨We are among the few printers to use Stochastic Screening for all our Litho Printing. It means that traditional varying size dots are replaced with much smaller constant size dots randomly placed. The difference over ‘conventional’ screens is dramatic, with improvements in the quality of both pictures and fine text. Though the technology is not the same the difference is like comparing High Definition with Ordinary TV.


100 A3 Posters £ 20.00


Value Bundle £ 79.00


Large Bundle £ 149.00


3 Roller Graphics £ 120.00


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